Phys. Rev. B 81, 195319 – Published 26 May 2010


We theoretically study the polarization entanglement of photons generated by the biexciton cascade in a GaAs/InAs semiconductor quantum dot (QD) located in a nanocavity. A detailed analysis of the complex interplay between photon and carrier coherences and phonons which occurs during the cascade allows us to clearly identify the conditions under which entanglement is generated and destroyed. A quantum state tomography is evaluated for varying exciton fine-structure splittings. Also, by constructing an effective multiphonon Hamiltonian which couples the continuum of the QD-embedding wetting layer states to the quantum confined states, we investigate the relaxation of the biexciton and exciton states. This consistently introduces a temperature dependence to the cascade. Considering typical Stranski-Krastanov grown QDs for temperatures around 80 K the degree of entanglement starts to be affected by the dephasing of the exciton states and is ultimately lost above 100 K.


Alexander Carmele, Frank Milde, Matthias-René Dachner, Malek Bagheri Harouni, Rasoul Roknizadeh, Marten Richter, and Andreas Knorr