Dr. Razieh Talebi

Assistance Professor, Member of Quantum Optics Group (IQOG)

Physics Department, University of Isfahan, Hezarjerib Street, Isfahan, Isfahan 81746-73441, IRAN
Research Interests:
1. Characterization of light sensitive thin film
2. Strong coupling of metal-semiconductor nano-system
3. Silver ion-exchange glasses
4. Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT)
5. Plasmonic graphene
Academic Educations:
PHD Optical properties of ordered nanostructure of Ag, AgCl-Ag and AgI-Ag using polarized laser beam and DC electric field on dielectric substrates
University of Tehran, 2014
M.S. Storing and Retrieving a Single Photon Based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
University of Isfahan,2009
B.C. University of Isfahan, 2005
1. Optics 8.
Optics Laboratory
2. Applied Optics 9.
General Physics I Laboratory 
3. Application of laser  10.
General Physics II Laboratory 
4. English for Physics student
5. General Physics I ( Mechanics and Optics)  
General Physics II ( Electricity and Magnetism)
General Physics III (Waves, Thermodynamics, Optics)
1. Matlab
2. Mathematica
3. Origin
4. Corel
5. Gwyddion 
6. Nova; Easyscan (AFM analysis)
7. XPSPEAK (XP spectrum analysis)
8. Lumerical (FDTD)