Dr. Mohammad Hossein Naderi

Professor, Member of Quantum Optics Group (IQOG)

Physics Department, University of Isfahan, Hezarjerib Street, Isfahan, Isfahan 81746-73441, IRAN
Research Interests:
1. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics.
2. Atom Optics.
3. Bose-Einstein Condensation.
4. Quantum Optomechanics.
5. Quantum Optics of Many-Particle Systems.
Academic Educations:
PHD Nonlinear Coherent States of the Radiation Field and their Interaction with Atomic Systems
University of Isfahan, 1998-2003
M.S. A Theoretical Investigation on Micromasers
University of Isfahan, 1994-1996
B.C. University of Isfahan, 1989- 1993
1. General Physics 8.
Quantum Optics 
2. Analytical Mechanics 9.
Atom Optics
3. Statistical Mechanics 10.
Many-Body Physics
4. Advanced Mathematical Physics 11.
Special Topics in Atomic Physics
5. Classical Electrodynamics  12. Special Topics in Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Electrodynamics 13. Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
1. A. Parvaresh and M. H. Naderi, Electromagnetic Waves and Media (in Persian), Isfahan University Press, 1997
2. A. Kiasatpour, M. Soltanolkotabi, and M. H. Naderi, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy by S. Svanberg (Translation into Persian), Isfahan University Press, 1998
3. S. Rastikerdar and M. H. Naderi, Fundamentals of Radiation Protection (in Persian), Isfahan University Press, 2000