Dr. Ali Mahdifar

Associated Professor, Member of Quantum Optics Group (IQOG)

Physics Department, University of Isfahan, Hezarjerib Street, Isfahan, Isfahan 81746-73441, IRAN
Research Interests:
1. Geometry of Coherent States.
2. Mathematical (Geometrical) and Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.
3. Quantum Optics.
4. Geometrical Structure of Coherent States and Their Applications.
5. Philosophy of Quantum Physics and Science.
Academic Educations:
PHD Geometric Structure of Nonlinear Coherent States
   Isfahan University of Technology, 2007
M.S. Study of superconductive and structural properties of YBCO superconductor with substitution of Fe
  Isfahan University of Technology, 2003
B.C. University of Isfahan, 2000
1. Quantum Optics 8.
Mathematical physics
2. Advanced Quantum Mechanics 9.
Special relativity
3. Quantum Electrodynamics 10.
4. Advance Statistical mechanics 11.
Philosophy of quantum physics
5. Advance mathematical physics    
Classical mechanic    
Group theory    
1. Physical Society of IRAN
2. Optics and Photonics Society of IRAN
Awards and Recognitions:
1. Excellent Lecturer of University of Shahrekord in Year 2012