It is our pleasure to welcome you at the www-pages of the Quantum Optics Group at the University of Isfahan. Our newly established group was organized in 2002 at the department of physics and started its official activity as an independent research group in 2004 with 7 academic members and 10 Ph.D. students of Physics department.

IQOG Logo Isfahan Quantum Optic Group

The main profile of the group is basic research in the fields of optics and photonics, including theoretical quantum optics (mainly cavity QED and quantum optomechanics), laser physics and laser spectroscopy, mathematical and theoretical foundation of quantum mechanics, quantum information and QED. The main objectives of Quantum Optics Group are to make a significant contribution in supplying the scientific needs of our country in the field of photonics, to generate trained manpower in quantum optics, to be recognized as an authority in the field of quantum optics and to establish a productive relationship with international optics and photonics societies. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals our strategy is based on maintaining leading research in divers and fundamental areas of photonics as well as developing and applying new and sophisticated mathematical methods to important problems in quantum optics. In this connection, we look for and welcome to collaborations with both theoretical and experimental groups. The members page contains the e-mail addresses of the members of IQOG as well, to make it easier to get in contact with them directly.