Scientific Reports  8, 12435 (2018)


Photon-number statistics of the emitted photons from a quantum dot placed in the vicinity of a metallic nanoparticle driven by a laser in the non-Markovian regime is investigated theoretically. In the model scheme, the quantum dot is considered as an InAs three-level system in L-type configuration with two transition channels. We aim to introduce the hybrid system as a nonclassical photon source and control the antibunching behavior of the emitted photons by the geometrical as well as the physical parameters of the hybrid system. Our approach is based on the classical Green’s function technique and time convolution master equation. The results reveal that the emitted photons from the hybrid system under consideration are antibunched and energy is exchanged between the QD and nanoshell. By increasing the QD-MNP separation distance, the detuning frequency between the QD transitions and surface plasmon modes, and the Rabi frequency the antibunching time increases while the backaction of the reservoir on the QD decreases. To sum up, we conclude that the studied system has the potential to be a highly controllable single-photon source.


T. Moradi, M. Bagheri Harouni and M. H. Naderi